Attention change champions!

Are you fed up with change initiatives that fizzle out faster than a bottle of cheap bubbly?

Stop wasting your time (and valuable skills) on half-baked change plans destined to collect dust on a shelf.

There's a better way to shake things up, and it starts with the 'Effective Change Impact Assessment' digital course from the one and only Barb Grant.

This isn't your average snooze-fest of a training programme with endless blah blah about the theory of change.

Barb is the Amazon bestselling author and straight-shooting change management guru who doesn't sugar-coat the realities of change management.

With her trademark wit and wisdom, she'll walk you through a practical process for scoping out all the potential landmines before taking the change plunge.

Imagine you've got a change impact assessment that's as good as a crystal ball. It lets you know what you're getting yourself in for from every angle, processes, policies, systems, roles, behaviours, remuneration and environment.

That's the power of Barb's change impact assessment approach.

Instead of rolling the dice and hoping for the best, you'll learn to facilitate engaging workshops to uncover telling insights from the trenches.

You'll populate a game-changing impact assessment template, based on a real change assignment case study, that spots the risks and roadblocks a mile away.

Then, get skills to craft a killer change plan and pinpoint the interventions that have real legs to ensure you deliver change that sticks!

It's time to get real about your standing as the go to change advisor.

Quit flying blind and enroll in 'Effective Change Impact Assessment' today.

The complete course is available now for only US$299!

Plus, special bonuses!

On purchase, receive immediate access to the course content including all instructor-led lessons and course materials in the learning portal.

Master the Art of Change Impact Assessment: Learn How to Plan and Structure Your Impact Gathering Approach for Maximum Insight in this Expert-Led Course.

Maximise Change Success: Nail the Change Desire and Motivate Stakeholder Adoption with a Precision Targeted Change Impact Assessment.

Here's the Course Blueprint

What you get:

Comprehensive Course Curriculum: Step-by-step learning journey for effective change impact assessment.

Expert-led Instruction: Templates, tips and tools road-tested over a thirty year career in successful change delivery.

Practical Techniques and Strategies: Practical techniques and strategies that you can immediately apply in real-world scenarios and the templates to support you.

Real World Examples: A real-life case study exercise from an actual change assignment from Barb's career in change. You'll learn how it really looks from a realistic project.

Interactive Learning Materials: The course provides interactive learning materials such as videos, exercises, and downloadable resources to enhance your learning experience.

Self-Paced Learning: You can learn at your own pace, accessing the course materials whenever and wherever convenient.

Ongoing Support: You'll have access to a support system to address any questions or challenges you encounter during the course.

Access to Community: Join a community of change management professionals and learners, allowing you to network, share experiences, and learn from others in the field.

What you'll gain

  • Four approaches to run an impact assessment workshop, plus the skinny on when it's best to use each one.

  • How to get the best result from a face-to-face, remote or hybrid impact assessment workshop.

  • An innovative approach to the scale of impact rating.

  • Barb's personal change impact assessment template to streamline your work. (It doesn't have 26 columns!)

  • Hands on practice populating the change impact assessment template using a real case study from Barb's own change delivery experience.

  • A worked exemplar based on the case study example you can apply to your own work.

  • A fool-proof method for translating assessment insights into delivery that sticks (it's all about specific, emotionally resonant gap statements that sell the change).

There are bonuses! What are they...

  • A gain and 'away from pain' checklist based on content from the most popular chapter of Barb's #1 bestselling book, "Change Management that Sticks". This will make identifying the WIIFMs a breeze!

  • an interactive lean canvas for change impact workshops

  • the opportunity to attend periodic follow-up live 1-hour coaching calls - dependent on user demand - if you ask for it, I'll do it!

Take Complete Control of Your Own Change Practice

Targeted courses for change managers.

Practical, actionable tools, that deliver results fast, from a highly experienced practitioner.

Go a level deeper and get the value of the 'big boy' change management courses at a fraction of the cost for game-changing immediate application.

But finally a warning - if you prefer to drown in giant documents instead of spending time with stakeholders this course is NOT for you.

Or, if you prefer change theory to practical application that gets real buy-in, achieves the business benefits and positions you as the change manager of choice, then this is NOT for you.

On course completion receive a credential badge from Certifier. Display it on your LinkedIn profile and other social media to enhance your professional reputation.

Just in case you're wondering...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

Total course hours is approximately 5 hours.

Can I ask questions and get personalised help?

Yes! You'll get access to the course ongoing. Depending on the level of interest, periodic live 1-hour coaching calls will be offered periodically.

What course materials will I get?

You'll receive Barb's change impact assessment template, honed in the field for thirty years. You'll also receive a worked exemplar change impact assessment based on the case study exercise set in Lesson 4. Other content includes the case study, the gain and pain checklist, and the change delivery ecosystem model. You also receive the bonus content and the slide presentations.

How does support work?

Direct any support enquiries to me at [email protected]. Where needed, I'll liaise with my course application provider to get a resolution.

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